What’s the value of your BASI Membership?

So, what do you actually get with your BASI subs for £69.99 per year…

Public Liability insurance –  worth £272 per year

Public liability insurance covers the cost of claims made by members of the public for incidents that occur in connection with you teaching snowsports or when you are recreationally riding/skiing.

Public liability insurance covers the cost of compensation for:

  • personal injuries
  • loss of or damage to property
  • death

The best quote we could find for an outdoor fitness instructor with £5m public liability cover is £272. It’s actually very difficult and likely to be more expensive to find insurance specifically for ski instruction.

Members get up to £10m of cover included in their Membership.

Pro Deals and Member’s discounts – worth £160 per year

It’s hard to put a figure on how much value Members get from Pro Deals as ultimately this depends on how many purchases you make. We’ve come up with a figure based on replacing 1 pair of skis or 1 snowboard every 2 years and 1 pair of boots every 3 years.

However, with various Pro Deals offering outerwear, protection, luggage, cars, eyewear and casual clothing and discounts on boot fitting, parking, clothing brands, lift passes and much more, there’s potential to gain far greater value than the modest assumption we’ve made.

1 pair of boots every 3 years at £400 with 40% discount= £180 saving: £60 per year

1 pair of skis or snowboard every 2 years at £500 with 40% discount= £200 saving: £100 per year

Equipment purchase saving = £160 per year

Access to BASI manuals – worth £25 per year

As an active Member of BASI, you can access all the manuals in ebook format via the Member’s area of the BASI website. You can also download all the manuals onto your mobile device via the BASI App.

You’re not likely to buy all the manuals every year but accessing these saves you from forking out for a hard copy.

BASI Members Events

Currently, we’re running a number of online Members Q&As and events and we plan to run more of these as well as face to face events in the near future.

The BASI Licence

Ultimately, your Membership subscription leads to gaining a licence to teach using your qualification. We’ve not given this benefit a value as it depends on how you choose to use your qualification and how often you teach.

In the last 12 months, over 100 job opportunities have been posted on the BASI Jobs board (some seeking more than 1 instructor). That’s plenty of opportunities to put your qualification to use and earn some of what you’ve paid for Membership back!