Update on qualification recognition in the EU post-Brexit 29th Dec

As per the email BASI members received on the 11th December 2020, Jim Lister stated that he believed the U.K. government were focussed on giving us a master framework from which we would need to renegotiate qualification recognition with our counterparts in certain EU member states. Whilst the Draft UK-EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement does still need to be passed by Parliament, based on a first reading it indeed appears that a master framework is what we’ll get. We will continue to study the document and seek professional advice on its implications for our members at all levels, however our understanding is that the “automatic” recognition given to holders of the full Alpine Level 4 ISTD qualification, in place thanks to the UK’s participation in the CTT scheme, will be gone after the 31st December 2020. This means that until BASI can use the new UK-EU agreement to get new formal recognition in place, the ongoing recognition of BASI qualifications at all levels will be at the discretion of the authorities in each EU member state. However BASI has neither heard of nor received any indication from any of our counterparts in alpine EU member states that they would not continue to recognise our qualifications, and we will endeavour to establish formal recognition as rapidly as possible.