Update on qualification recognition in the EU post-Brexit

BASI, like all other U.K. qualifying bodies for the professions left out of the UK-EU Trade & Cooperation Agreement, now has to establish individual, separate recognition agreements with each of the relevant authorities in the EU member states where our members work.

It will take time to establish these agreements and have them formally put in place, as it will involve consultation with the very recently formed UK-EU Partnership Council. We do not know for sure how long, but we think it likely to take a number of months rather than a number of weeks to achieve.

None of this means that your qualifications won’t be recognised in the EU; as we have said in our statement, automatic recognition has ended and it is now at the discretion of the authorities in each member state whether they choose to recognise a BASI qualification. This will remain the case until a more formal, binding agreement of mutual recognition is put in place