Sestola Eurotest 10th-11th March 2015

Written by Susie Berry

Both snow and weather conditions were excellent in Sestola and the test was conducted
efficiently and in a good atmosphere. The written results, of which I have one copy are
accurate as far as bib numbers, names and times are concerned. The rest is clearly left
over from the last national race, as you will see if they are not ‘cleaned up’ before being

BASI representatives were myself and Aaron Tipping. Austria was represented by Rudi
Lapper (as an official) and Bernhard Kaserer. Italy sent Eugenio Marsaglia as their only

We were warmly welcomed by Luciano Magnani on Tuesday morning at Passo del Lupo.
and he provided us both with lift passes. A training run was set and maintained on the test hill and the BASI candidates were very appreciative of Aaron’s full participation. Of the 10 who were entered, only Scott Mitchell was a no show. Candidates also came from Italy, San Marino, Slovenia and Denmark. The one female entered as Swiss had actually done her training through the Italian system. There were just 50 on the start list of whom 48 actually started.

I was asked to be the Start Referee and one of Luciano’s instructors was at the finish.
There were just enough gate judges but very little side slipping. I had to fight really hard to get the course reset for the second run. It did need it because the temperature was rising and certain sections were softening rapidly and therefore rutting.

NOTE: I would like to make quite sure that the requirement to re-set is written into the
Eurotest Rules. (It is, of course, in the FIS rules which we are supposed to follow but the
Italians in particular seldom do it.) Not doing so renders the whole point of reversing the second run start order obsolete. I do not consider having a small entry any excuse for not resetting. What does anyone else think?

The second rule, which may need amending, is the minimum number of openers required to attend. I thought it was three but I can only find a rule that requires two. This puts too much pressure on the two to finish rather than do a good run. This was apparent when Bernhard fell closing the first run, having started first of the three.
Incidentally Aaron did a great job here in all respects, technical and social. He is a good
ambassador for BASI.

The really good news is that Isla Marsh passed on the first run. Her certificate will come
from Donatella as usual. Kim Richardson came very close – only 0.3 seconds off in the
second, having missed a gate at the end of her first run.

In total 7 men and 2 ladies passed in run 1 and 2 more men in run 2. A total of 11 out of 48.

I am pleased we made the decision to come here. I believe it is important to turn up at
these less frequented places occasionally. It gives the candidates confidence to know we
are here. There were several murmurs of discontent that we were not going on to Temu
with them.