New BASI Level 4 ISTD Structure and Written Project change

ISIA Speed Test for Alpine L4 ISTD 

As stated in the Brexit Update on Wednesday 5th May, the CTT (formally known as Eurotest) will be replaced with the ISIA Speed Test at BASI Alpine Level 4 ISTD. 

BASI members can enter any ISIA Speed Test event, hosted by other ISIA members, without having to become a member of another association. We will be sharing details on how to enter the ISIA Speed Test on our website over the next few months.  

BASI has also been given authorisation to hold our own ISIA Speed Tests. We are looking into various options for members that would be the most cost-effective and in line with our environmental policy 

If you have already passed the CTT, this will mean that you do not have to complete the ISIA Speed test.  

BASI will keep a record of those who have passed the CTT because this may support any future bilateral agreements we’re able to make & because we no longer have access to the EU IMI database. It will appear as an ‘optional module’ on our website and in your qualification history for now.  

We will be updating our progress on International Recognition of Qualifications next week. 

Any members who have successfully passed the ISIA Speed Test can upload their results under the External Qualifications section here.

Written Project to be replaced with the PDP 

The Written Project will be phased out of the Level 3 (Adaptive, Nordic and Telemark) and Level (Ski and Snowboard). The module will be replaced with the Professional Development Portfolio (PDP). The PDP has been in development for several years, in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh.  

The PDP is a record of your development as a snowsports teacher. Engaging with the PDP will help you be a more successful teacher. The aim of the PDP is to use your teaching practice to think about your role as a snowsports teacher, to think critically about your teaching practice and to use that thinking to demonstrate your learning and development. The PDP process will be illustrated in the format of a written essay.  

The PDP will be officially launched by November 2021.  

The final date for Written Project submissions is 30th April 2022. Therefore, any members who have started work on their written project will have 12 months to complete and submit to BASI for marking. If you have completed the Written Project, you will not be required to submit the PDP. 

EMS renamed IMS 

The European Mountain Safety will be renamed International Mountain Safety. There will be no change to the 4 day training course, 6 logged tours and the 3 day assessment course.  


As of March 2021, the Interview has no longer been a part of our Level 4 ISTD.  


We will be updating our website to reflect these changes over the next few weeks. 

Future level 4 structure

Published on 7th May, written by Jas Bruce (Head of Product and International Relations) and Hannah Bryans (Alpine Product Owner)