Looking for your first Ski Instructor Job?

A simple checklist to guide you…

You’ve got your BASI qualification and you are now looking for that instructor job. It’s an exciting time, you’re newly qualified and possibly making your first applications.  BASI has put together a checklist to assist you make a wise choice when you are offered that job.

The majority of ski schools run a professional business and look after their employees. BASI want your ski school job to be memorable for all the right reasons. Use this check list to make sure you sort the pro employers from the cowboys.

When you apply for a job DO…

  • Check you have the relevant qualifications to apply for the job.
  • Check out any visa and working regulation requirements you may need for the country/region you will be working in.
  • Make sure that you provide a relevant snowsports CV and follow the application procedure.
  • Complete and submit all the required information (without spelling mistakes) in good time.
  • Be honest about your experience and show off any foreign language skills you may have.

When you are offered a job DO ASK LOTS of QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU SIGN UP…                                         

  • Ask for a contract (and check it carefully before you sign it)
  • Check your contract for the following information:
    • Start date and finish date
    • How much you will be paid per hour?
    • When and how regularly will you be paid (weekly, monthly)?
    • Will your wages be paid directly into a bank account or by cash?
    • Is there a guaranteed minimum number of hours work?
    • Is your uniform on loan or do you have to pay for it?
    • Do you accumulate any holiday entitlement or leave during your employment?
    • Will your employer pay and assist with your working visa application or offer guidance on what needs to be done to ensure you are working legally?
    • If they provide accommodation and food with the role, how much is deducted off your weekly wages (is this reasonable?)?
    • Will your employer reimburse any international flight costs?
    • Will you be provided with an area lift pass for the season? Will there be any charge for this?

Other useful things to know…

  • Are there any discounts/deals with local restaurants for ski school employees?
  • Will you have access to ski/board tech facilities for maintaining your own equipment?

Other important questions to ask…

  • Will you be given a full induction/ orientation when you arrive?
  • How soon after arriving can you expect to start teaching?
  • What personal development training time will the school provide you, if any?
  • Any names of previous employees you can contact to get advice

Do your research…

Use the forums on the web to ask other BASI Members and instructors about their employment experiences with the ski school. Check out the ski school web site for client testimonials and how long they have been operating. Last but not least, look for ski school quality assurance kite mark programmes like the BASI Approved Ski School Quality Assurance Programme. The requirements for setting up a ski school and operating a ski school vary from country to country depending on local laws.  Some countries are not regulated and anyone can set up a ski school, other countries are very strict about requirements for establishing ski schools.  There is no harm in asking if the school has been through a recognised or regulated quality registration programme.

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