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  • Will BASI Qualifications still be valid post Brexit?

    Brexit will not affect the validity of your BASI qualification. BASI qualifications are aligned to the SCQF, which in turn is aligned to the European Qualification Framework. Your BASI qualification will continue to be recognised internationally post Brexit. Your ability to work in Europe post Brexit, as an instructor, will depend on how individual European countries decide to treat British passport holders as we will no longer enjoy the same “freedom of movement” we currently enjoy as members of the EU.

  • Why is BASI aligning its qualifications with the SCQF?

    BASI is aligning its qualifications to the SCQF via the University of Edinburgh. BASI’s qualification alignment is critically important for BASI members who want to work abroad as instructors. Entry requirements for jobs often vary between countries. By aligning BASI’s qualifications for all the levels and disciplines with SCQF and the International Qualifications Framework it strengthens the recognition and value of each BASI qualification at every level. This allows other countries and prospective employers to identify the value of BASI qualifications against their own.

    Benefits for BASI and its Members:

    • It provides BASI with hard empirical evidence when negotiating Members working rights with overseas governments and international associations
    • Provides stability for BASI qualifications
    • Provides credibility and recognition for BASI qualifications internationally
    • SCQF credits provide BASI Members with career crossover opportunities as credits are recognised by employers and course providers

  • Why Does BASI require a Criminal Record Disclosure?

    As a licensing association, BASI follows good practice. It asks Members to undertake a minimum of a Basic Criminal Record Disclosure every 3 years as part of the requirements to maintain a valid instructor teaching licence. However, if you believe you will be doing regulated work with children or vulnerable groups on a regular basis, you should join the PVG Scheme (Scottish Residents Only). You will need to provide proof that you have undertaken a disclosure check and this proof can be in the form of a certificate, if you wish to provide this to BASI, or a letter from your employer confirming that you have completed the necessary level of disclosure required for your role. This should include the date of issue of the disclosure certificate.

  • Why do I need a First Aid certificate?

    As an instructor you will be responsible for clients and at times may be working alone in remote situations. You may find yourself in the position of a “first responder” in the event of an accident. BASI believe it is good practice for Members who wish to receive a licence to instruct to have a valid and relevant first aid certificate. Every Member is responsible for ensuring that they maintain a valid first aid certificate that is suitable for the country in which they are instructing. A solid grounding in first aid compliments your qualifications both on and off the mountain.

  • Who are BASI Business Partners?

    A list of BASI Business Partners can be found here.

  • Where will I find course dates for BASI Business Partners?

    A list of BASI Business Partners, their current courses dates and resorts can be found here

  • Where can I do my shadowing or teaching hours?

    Depending on the Qualification Level you are undertaking, you can complete your shadow or teaching hours on a dry slope, indoor slope or with a professional ski school. You should contact the head instructor of your local ski school and ask if they will support you in completing your shadow hours. Full details on the number of shadow/teaching hours required for each level and when they need to be completed can be found on the qualifications pages.

  • When do I need to provide BASI with a Criminal Record Disclosure?

    In order for BASI to issue you with a Licence to instruct (as opposed to a Membership card), you must provide proof that you have completed a disclosure check, together with a valid First Aid certificate and attend the required refresher/CPD course. The expiry dates of these required elements can be viewed in your personal member area on the BASI website.

  • What qualifications do I need to work abroad as an instructor?

    BASI qualifications are recognised throughout the world however each country has its own rules and regulations regarding which level of BASI qualification is required in order to work legally as an instructor. These regulations change on a regular basis and we advise Members to check with the government office in the country they plan to work in to ensure that your paperwork is in order.

    BASI’s own web site provides information on working rules and regulations for the most popular countries including application procedures and links. You will find the Working Abroad page by clicking here.

    Contact details for countries can be found via the ISIA web site.

  • What is the Scottish Credit Qualification Framework (SCQF)?

    Qualifications vary across countries. Within Europe, two overarching qualifications frameworks exist to which the national qualifications frameworks of the UK and Ireland relate: The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) and the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (FQ-EHEA) also known as the Bologna Framework. The SCQF framework is aligned to these frameworks and it means you can compare qualifications (including BASI’s qualifications) across national boundaries. More information

  • What is the Safeguarding Children Module?

    Covers the fundamentals of safeguarding and protection for anyone who comes into contact with children and young people through their work or voluntary activities in a sports or active leisure setting. The course covers the fundamentals of safeguarding and its purpose is to raise your awareness of abuse and neglect, help you to recognise early signs there might be a problem, and show you how to take appropriate action.

    Although a current Safeguarding Children module is not currently required to keep your BASI licence valid, employers may ask for proof that your knowledge in this area is up-to-date, especially if you are going to be working with children. Completing regular refreshers is a good way to do this.  The refresher is an online module and bookings can be made by selecting the Safeguarding Children Refresher Course.

  • What is the BASI Approved Ski School Scheme?

    BASI operates the 'BASI Approved Ski School Quality Assurance Programme' so that the public can easily identify ski schools that have been BASI approved and meet high standards in areas of safety, instructor recruitment, customer enjoyment and learning. Ski schools who carry the BASI Approved Ski School kite mark have undertaken a rigorous inspection scheme (repeated every 3 years) and have demonstrated they meet suitable standards against the following criteria:

    •                   Training and lesson delivery

    •                   Instructor recruitment and training

    •                   Business processes and safety practice

  • What is a Criminal Record Disclosure?

    A Criminal Record Disclosure (CRD) is a government and police record check which can help employers makes safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children and vulnerable adults.

  • What happens if I have a criminal record and this shows on the disclosure?

    BASI will conduct a risk assessment on every disclosure that has a conviction or caution of any nature. All convictions are assessed for relevancy and an individual’s suitability to work with children or vulnerable groups. Old and juvenile offences are not viewed as seriously as recent offences. Minor and financial crimes are usually disregarded. Recent assaults, violent offences with prison sentences, sexual crimes and drugs supply are taken much more seriously.

  • What First Aid Course qualification does BASI accept?

    BASI's requirements for first aid are as follows:

    • A minimum of 12 hours / 2 days duration

    There are numerous First Aid course providers that meet the BASI requirements, some can be found here. If you have found a course that you think may be suitable but is not listed you can check the course validity by contacting BASI.

  • What are shadowing hours and teaching hours?

    Shadow Hours and Teaching hours are practical working hours that you are required to undertake as part of each BASI Qualification Level. The hours for the Level 1 Qualification are also referred to as Snowsport school Experience and normally done under the supervision of a recognised ski school. The hours must be logged and signed off by a competent person (normally the ski school director).

    It is not usual to be paid by a ski school to undertake your shadow hours (ski school experience) for Level 1 as you will be working with or alongside someone with more experience who will be responsible for the group. You should not however have to pay a ski school to undertake your shadow hours at Level 1. You should expect to be paid for teaching hours from Level 2 and above when you are wholly responsible for the group you are teaching.

  • What are BASI Business Partners?

    In addition to BASI’s own instructor course calendar, BASI Business Partners run BASI courses in popular resorts offering more programme choices for those who are interested in gaining a BASI instructor qualification.  All Business Partners are appointed by competitive tender and contracts are reviewed every 3 years to ensure that they meet the quality standards required by BASI. For more information about how to become a Business Partner, please email

  • If I have a conviction/caution will this prevent me from receiving a BASI Licence to instruct or coach?

    Having a criminal record will not usually prevent an individual from working or volunteering with snowsport teaching/coaching. BASI will follow its risk assessment policy and consider the relevancy of the conviction/caution with respect to safeguarding children and an individual’s suitability to work with children and/or vulnerable groups.

    Note: When you join BASI as a Member you agree to abide by its Professional Code of Conduct and are subject to the Associations policies, regulations and disciplinary procedures.  Unprofessional behaviour may result in disciplinary action. 

  • I need help with my Public Liability Insurance

    A valued benefit of BASI Membership is that Licensed Members are automatically covered under a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy specific to teaching snowsports. The insurance policy cover is negotiated every year by BASI on behalf of its Licensed Members and currently provides up to £10 million in cover. A copy of the cover note is available below.

    For further guidance Members should also refer to the BASI Code of Ethics and the BASI Legality, Insurance and Qualifications Remit (which is an Annexe contained at the end of the Code of Ethics)

    Click here to view the Proof of Liability Insurance

  • How often must I renew my First Aid certificate?

    Members who require a Licence to instruct must update their first aid by the expiry date on their current first aid certificate and in any event not more than 3 years after their date of attendance on their last first aid course. An updated version of our First Aid Policy can be found here.

  • How many shadow and teaching hours do I need to do for my BASI qualification?

    The required hours will vary depending on which level of qualification you are working towards. 35 ours of shadowing are required for Level 1 and these must be completed AFTER your Level 1 course.  Any hours you have gained before the course will not be valid. For details of the hours required for each qualification level, check out the qualification pages.

  • How do I log and submit my shadowing and teaching hours?

    Students can submit their shadow hours to BASI in 2 ways:

    1) Complete a BASI Hours Log Sheet and get this signed by the Ski School Director and stamped with the ski school stamp or,

    2) Provide a detailed breakdown on ski school headed paper of the hours and tasks undertaken. This needs to be signed off by the Ski School Director and sent to the BASI office.

    NOTE!: You may book onto a Level 2 course before submitting your required hours for Level 1 BUT your signed hours for Level 1 MUST BE RECEIVED by the BASI office 5 DAYS BEFORE the start date of the booked Level 2 course or you will not be eligible to attend and your course fee remains payable.

  • How do I keep my licence to teach valid?

    In order to receive a BASI licence you must firstly pay your membership subs. These are due by the 1st of October of every year. You can pay by direct debit and save £10, the direct debit form is available by clicking here

    Once you have paid your membership subs you must have 3 things in place at the beginning of each season.

    If you do not satisfy all of this criteria you will be sent a membership card but not a licence. If you have received a membership card but think you should have a licence please get in touch with the BASI office.

    1. First Aid certificate: You must hold at least a 2 day first aid qualification. More information on our first aid requirements can be found here (link to first aid page). This must be renewed every 3 years.

    2. Criminal Record Disclosure: You must provide a valid CRD certificate for your country of residence. BASI do accept a basic disclosure however your employer may request that you join the PVG scheme. Any form of disclosure must be updated every 3 years.

    You can apply for a basic disclosure by clicking here (

    If you have not been living at your UK address for at least the last 12 months you will need to apply using a paper application form available for download on the disclosure Scotland website.

    More information about joining the PVG scheme is available by clicking here (

    3. CPD module: You must refresh your BASI qualification at least once every 3 years. BASI Level 1 & Level 2 instructors must attend at least a 1 day refresher every 3 years.

    BASI level 3 & level 4 instructors must attend at least a 1 day refresher every year or 3 days every 3 years.

    More information on CPD modules for all levels can be found by clicking here (link to CPD page)

    Please note, attending any BASI course will count as a CPD module.

    NB. If any of these elements expire throughout the season your licence will not be valid and you will not be covered by BASI’s public liability insurance. It is up to you to make sure you keep all these element up to date.

  • How do I find out what SCQF credits I gained with my BASI Qualification?

    BASI Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates indicate the SCQF credits gained and the areas of competency – these are listed on the reverse of each certificate. As alignment progresses, credits and competencies  will be added to the reverse of all BASI qualification certificates.

  • How do I find a BASI Approved Ski School?

    You will find a list of current BASI Approved Ski Schools by clicking here

  • How do I book a course?

  • How do I become a BASI Member?

    Once you have successfully completed a level 1 instructor course, you will be required to provide BASI with proof of 35 hours of logged Snowsport School experience and a copy of a valid first aid certificate. For information on what kind of first aid certifications BASI accept click here

    We will also require you to complete an online safeguarding children module. This can be booked through BASI by clicking here or alternatively if you have completed a safeguarding children module through another provider you can send a copy of the certificate to the BASI office. 

    Once you have completed these elements you will be required to upgrade to full membership. You will need to provide us with a passport sized picture for your membership card, this can be emailed to or uploaded through your member’s area and you will need to pay an upgrade fee of £25. You can pay this through your members area or by phoning the office on 01479 861 717.

    Once you have completed the level 1 qualification and become a full member you will need to provide us with a criminal record disclosure. Information on how to keep your licence valid is available here

  • How do I become a BASI Approved Ski School?

    Information on how to apply for the BASI Approved Ski School Inspection can be found by clicking here.

  • How do I apply for a Criminal Record Disclosure?

    As a minimum BASI will accept a basic disclosure.If you need a basic disclosure for a job in Scotland, apply to Disclosure Scotland. If you are applying for a job in England or Wales, apply to the Disclosure and Barring ServiceIf you want a basic disclosure for personal reasons rather than work purposes, apply where you live – if you live in Scotland, or the Disclosure and Barring Service if you live in England or Wales. For more information regarding DBS checks please see the link below.
    What is a DBS check: Who needs it? How long does it take?

    Residents of Other Countries. If you have been a resident in another country for more than 5 years, you will need to complete a criminal record check in that country. Below is a list of certificates BASI accept (not exhaustive).

    Andorra - Request a Certificate from the Registre d’antecedents penals of the M. I. Tribunal de corts

    Austria - Apply for a Stafregisterbescheinigung

    Denmark - Request a certificate of Criminal Record through the Nordjyllands Politi

    France - Apply to the Ministere de la justice et des graces for an Extrait de Casier Judiciaire, Bulletin No.3

    Germany - Apply to the Bundesamt fur Justiz for a Fuhrungszeugnis

    Ireland - Apply to the Garda Central Vetting Unit for An Garda Siochana

    Italian - Request a Certificato Penale del Casellario Giudizale from the Minestero della Giustizia

    Luxembourg - Apply to the Stafregisteramt des Grosserzotums Luxembourg for a Bulletin No. 3

    Netherlands - Request a Verklarig Omtrent het Gedrag from the Ministerie van Justitie

    Poland - Request a Criminal Record enquiry from the Ministery of Justice for a Criminal Record

    Portugal - Request a Certificado de Registo Criminal from the Minesterio du Justica

    Russia - Request a Reference (or Police Certificate or Certificate of Conviction) from the Chief Information AnalysisCenter at the Ministry of Home Affairs of Russian Federation (MHA of Russia)

    Slovenia - Request a certificate (Potrdilo) from the Ministery of Justice

    Spain - Request a Certifica from the Registro Central de Penados of the Ministerio de Justicia

    Sweden - Request an extract from the records of the Rikspolisstyrelsen (Swedish National Police Board)


                          French speaking - Apply to the Office Federale de la Justice (OFJ) for an Extrait de Casier Judiciaire

                          German speaking - Apply to the Bundesamt fur Justiz (BJ) for an Auszug aus dem Schweizerischen     Stafregister

                          Italian speaking – Apply to the Ufficio federale de giustizia (UFG) for an Estratto del Casellario Giudizale

    Ukraine - Request a certificate from the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine

  • How do I apply for a BASI course exemption?

    BASI will only consider Course Exemption Applications if applicants meet one or more the following criteria:

    1. You are a current GB athlete in a snowsports discipline with current National Team status (this needs to be verified by BSS) or,
    2. You have a valid qualification from an ISIA registered teaching system obtained within the last five years  or,
    3. You have a recognised University degree in a relevant subject that is closely related to the BASI snowsports teaching and technical syllabus for which you are seeking exemption.

    NOTE: No BASI qualifications are awarded for any exemption given. Do not apply unless you satisfy the criteria above.

    Course Exemption Procedure:

    Applicants can call the BASI Office to discuss their exemption, email or post documentation.

    1. Prepare an Exemption Dossier and include as much relevant support information as possible including: copies of official documentation/certificates, logbooks, teaching hours, references.
    2. Prepare a cover letter with subject title “BASI Course Exemption Application” and include your full details (name, address, date of birth, email and phone number). Please state if you are currently a BASI Member and what course (s) exemptions you are applying for.
    3. Send your cover letter and Exemption Dossier to BASI, Morlich House, 17 The Square, Grantown on Spey, PH26 3HG. (Payment will be taken at the end of the process).
    4. On receipt of all evidence the exemption will be considered. This can take between 2  - 20 working days depending on the complexity of the exemption application.
    5. The Applicant will be contacted by the BASI office regarding the outcome. Payment will be taken and the exemption note will be added to BASI records.

  • How do I access course reports and pay outstanding balances?

  • How can I rejoin BASI?

    Full Members who have not renewed their membership for more than a full membership year or longer will be required to pay a re-join fee of £35. They can renew their membership by phoning the office on 01479 861 717 or by logging into their members area and clicking on “renew membership”.

    The re-join fee only applies to full members. Associate members are not liable for the re-joining fee. 

    Why do I need to pay a rejoin fee?

    Full Members who have lapsed for a full membership year or longer must pay a £35 rejoin fee as well as the full subscription fee for the current year. The rejoin fee is necessary to help the organisation’s sustainability. The organisation still needs to function in spite of members who pay their subs sporadically. BASI needs to continue working on behalf of its members for the employability of those members and the recognition of the BASI qualification worldwide, which is costly. We are also trying to support loyalty and hope that the rejoin fee will act as a deterrent and encourage members to pay their subscription fee annually.

  • Can I take a BASI course without a Criminal Record Disclosure?

    Yes, you can take a course without a CRD but you will not be issued with an instructor Licence unless you provide proof that you have completed a disclosure check. 

  • Can I join BASI if I have a qualification from another organisation?

    Yes, you can join as an Associate Member of BASI in the normal way and book onto BASI courses. If you want BASI to recognise your existing snowsport instructor qualifications and provide exemption to a BASI course you will have to apply through the Exemption Process. There is an Exemption Processing fee that applies to applicants.

  • Can I get an Exemption from First Aid?

    First Aid Exemptions will be considered for the following categories of profession

    1. Medical doctors registered with the General Medical Council

    2. Registered nurses whose names are on the Single Professional Register maintained by the

        United Kingdom of Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting

    3. Paramedics

    4. Serving military personnel, police officers, fire brigade, other ambulance personnel, and Physiotherapists

    BASI will only accept an application for exemption that contains evidence that the applicants qualification and practices are carried out in an environment other than what is deemed as their “normal place of work” and

    Specifically demonstrating use of these skills in an outdoor environment. Any application for exemption requires evidence of eligibility in any of the listed categories and the following declaration endorsed by your head of department or supervisor. Anyone applying for a First Aid Exemption must complete the declaration and submit their First Aid Exemption request along with supporting evidence to BASI, Morlich House, 17 The Square, Grantown on Spey, PH26 3GH. A First Aid Policy and Exemption form is available here.