Licensing and teaching hours extensions


Due to the current lockdown restrictions, we’ve made some temporary changes to our licensing requirements:

  • If your first aid or criminal record disclosure was due for renewal between 16 March 2020 and the end of lockdown, we’ve extended the renewal date to 30/04/2021 to so that you’ll continue to receive a license to teach.
  • If your CPD is due for renewal, you can complete an online BASI CPD. If you’ve already completed the online CPD, you can complete it a second time as long as you select different modules.  

Teaching hours

Historically, whilst members could always book on their desired future course without having completed all the required teaching hours, they needed to have completed them before attending the course itself. 

 We know there’s limited opportunity to gain hours right now so from 1st November 2020 to end of Hintertux courses in 2021, BASI will waive the requirement for members to have completed all the relevant hours (35/70/200/200) before attending their next course. 
The actual qualification will only ever be issued upon receipt of teaching hours. It should also be noted that the Online Performance Analysis Course counts for 10 hours.