Jamie Nicholls stunt at The Snow Centre

Earlier this year Olympic Snowboarder and Team BSS athlete, Jamie Nicholls completed a daring stunt at The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead for his Sky Sports documentary, Forged In Steel. The video of this stunt has now had over 2.7 million views and 45,000 likes on Jamie’s Facebook page.

The ‘never been done before’ stunt involves the 21 year old starting outside The Snow Centre’s building and dropping in onto a 20ft high rail before racing through the back doors of the centre onto the 100m Lesson Slope. He then proceeds to take off a 5m jump to land on a rail with a technical backside 270 to board slide, before nailing it past camera crew and onlookers through the double doors at the bottom of the slope. Arriving at the front of the building, Nicholls takes a tight bend over some rollers and finally gets air from nowhere to front side 180 to 360 off a railing running down the side of The Snow Centre car park.

The latest stats for the video on Jamie Nicholls’ Facebook page:

Over 2.7 million views
Reached nearly 9 million people.

Jamie said, “When I first looked at trying this stunt I wasn’t sure it was possible; tight spaces, riding between small doors that are not in line with each other, lack of snow, tight corners, speed issues and so on, but on the day it worked! With a great crew of filmers from Friday Media, together with The Snow Centre’s park crew shaping and constructing the run for 26 hours then 10 hours filming, I managed to get the whole run on camera and walk away in one piece.”

The full documentary ‘Forged In Steel’, which the stunt was originally filmed for documents how Jamie, who grew up in Queensbury, Bradford, and is now living in East Horsley, Surrey, has become one of the most recognised young snowboarders in the world.

Jamie started snowboarding at the age of seven at the Halifax Ski & Snowboard Centre and took part in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, coming in sixth place in the Snowboard Slopestyle finals.

Written by British Ski & Snowboard