GoPro have launched the HERO 4…but what about their other new product?

Most adventure sport and filming enthusiasts will be aware of the recent product launch planned by GoPro, the action camera industries equivalent to Red Bull. What GoPro have been keeping up their sleeve is that they are not only launching a new “improved, twice as powerful, twice as high definition, twice…..yeah, we get the point its better and therefore more expensive” HERO4 camera on the 5th of October, they are also launching something a little bit different…

But first let’s look at the HERO4

HERO4Go Pro, being the top lads that they are, are launching the new GoPro HERO4. For £369.99 you can get yourself an action camera with 4k30 resolution! What does that mean? Okay so your shiny new TV which offers 1080p HD viewing – it won’t cut it, you need to buy yourself a cinema to do your footage any justice.  The HERO4 also boasts a number of exciting features that have been developed and improved to make it easier to “Be a Hero”. The ability to tag your best moments when you’re filming so you no longer have to search through 30 minutes of video to find the 5 seconds of you doing something rad. Better audio recording and new settings for low light. Sounds like a crackin’ camera and I could rabbit on all day about it but I’m more excited about the other product.

GoPro have also launched a new HERO camera. If you hit up the GoPro website, skim through all the HERO4 Promotions, right at the bottom of the cameras page you’ll find this little gem.  A camera with 1080p30 and 720p60 video, 5MP photos that’s Waterproof to 131’ (40m) for the bargain price of……£99.HERO

As explained by GoPro, the new HERO is GoPro, simplified. I personally think this is an excellent move from GoPro, adventurists that only get a chance to film a few times a year and often keep the footage to themselves now have a great value alternative offering the same high quality product without the extra performance that, to be honest, most people don’t need or use!

I for one will be making a purchase on the 5th of October. After all, if you’re getting rad, and there’s no video evidence of you getting rad….are you really getting rad?

Written by Donald Musk 


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