Eurotest Calibrations, Sestriere (ITA) 12-14th January 2015

The 2015 calibrations were held in conjunction with various informal meetings to discuss the MOU and the upcoming EU meeting in Brussels on 23rd January. A report on the MoU discussions will be posted following the meeting in Brussels.


For the calibrations the BASI openers were: James Bennett, Jas Bruce, Ed Drake (first time this year), Craig Robinson and Aaron Tipping. Alain Baxter was unable to attend owing to other work commitments. 43 openers in total were present.

Ed Drake talks about his first calibration in the video below.

As well as the GB representatives, there were Italians, French, two Austrians together with two Germans and two Slovenians.

In common with everywhere else, there was very little snow in Sestriere. The training, scheduled for Tuesday did not take place owing to 80 kph winds.

On Wednesday the calibration was able to go ahead.

The six designated reference skiers were Matteo Magnani (ITA), Aaron Tipping (GBR), Hannes Naberger (GER), Yannick Turrel (FRA), Cret (FRA) and Enrico Barotti (ITA).

Those who did not recalibrate in Sestriere (3 Frenchmen and Alain Baxter) will only re-qualify as openers after they have been recalibrated at a Eurotest attended by another country’s representatives as well as their own.

All of the decisions made were made with the input and agreement of Susie Berry (International TD), who represents BASI at these events.

A full list of the calibration results for Sestriere is held by the BASI office.

Please note that the 2015 coefficients for the BASI openers are as follows:
James Bennett 0.8999
Jas Bruce 0.9025
Ed Drake 0.9209
Craig Robinson 0.9090

Our thanks go to Susie Berry and the all of the BASI openers for their hard work.