COVID Updates

The pandemic has had a huge impact on BASI and our industry and with restrictions and advice continuously changing, we’ll use this page to keep members up to date with what BASI is doing to help members. 

Latest COVID News


  • Will BASI accept First Aid training certificates from online courses?

    No, not if you're trying to use that to receive a valid licence. BASI strongly believe in maintaining up to date first aid knowledge and practical hands on training is a crucial part of this. Some providers will offer "blended" learning courses which are 50% online and 50% face to face; BASI will accept a certificate which shows completion of BOTH these elements.

  • I can't do a First Aid course due to COVID-19 restrictions. Can I have an extension to my certificate?

    Following the new restrictions in the UK, BASI will be implementing the following approach to ensure that members unable to attend First Aid courses can continue to have a valid licence. If your First Aid expired between 16 March 2020 and the end of the current national lockdown, we’ll extend your expiry date to 30th April 2021. We’ll keep monitoring the end date of the lockdown and update expiry dates as required. If your First Aid expired before 16 March 2020, we’re unable to offer an extension. BASI believes there's huge value in attending a first aid course every 3 years. If you don't use your first aid knowledge, you tend to forget about it so we hope physical courses will be able to run again soon.

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