Club Med Asia Seeks BASI Instructors for China and Japan Operations

Following a successful week at the World Winter Snowsports Expo 2017 in Beijing, I headed south to China’s cosmopolitan commercial centre in Shanghai. My visit to China was made possible with the support of an SME grant from Heathrow Airport, part of an initiative to encourage and support small organisations to explore export opportunities outside the UK.

img_5008Whilst Beijing is China’s political capital, Shanghai reaffirms its role as China’s commercial hub and the city has a dynamic vibrancy based on a cosmopolitan and colonial heritage. If there was a city I would aspire to live in, Shanghai is top of the list!

BASI’s Chinese Business Partner, CASSI is based here and I spent a day with the team at CASSI to review the programme in China for this winter and start the planning for 18/19. Currently, BASI has 120 qualified instructors living in China who speak Mandarin but the enquiries we fielded at Expo in Beijing confirmed there is interest and demand for BASI qualified instructors who also speak English.

Many children from more affluent Chinese families attend International Schools here and so they speak perfect English and resorts are keen to be able to support this educational market by delivering lessons in English. Not only are there jobs for English and Mandarin speakers, both Alpine and Snowboard instructors are required and at all qualification Levels: 1, 2 and 3 as requested by Club Med Asia, whom I also had the opportunity meet whilst in Shanghai.

img_5010Global operators, Club Med, already have water resort villages in Asia but they are well positioned to play a key role in the development of the recreational winter ski market in China. In 2017 they will open two new villages for snowpsorts in China and another in Japan. The Chinese season runs from November through to March and they need to recruit a qualified, enthusiastic and professional snowsports team to launch in China. In my meeting with Jimmy Jiang (Head of Talent Acquisition at Club Med ) and Ruby Teng, they are not just looking to employ for the winter season, for those with the motivation and ambition there are year-round, full-time jobs available at Club Med with a comprehensive training programme and attractive employment package for those seeking a career with the global Club Med brand.

Club Med will be advertising their roles on the BASI jobs board and on BASI’s Chinese Wechat site and Members looking for Eastern adventure could also be looking at a full-time and not just a seasonal role with Club Med.