Brexit Consequences on BASI Members Insurance

A few members have been talking on social media recently about the impact of Brexit upon BASI Members’ Public Liability Insurance. The information shared has not been completely accurate, so in order to nip any confusion in the bud early on, here’s the latest information directly from our insurers themselves. 

BASI Members’ Public Liability Insurance is primarily aimed at UK residents and UK citizens working as snowsports instructors worldwide. Whilst these members may travel abroad regularly due to the nature of the job, it has always been aimed at members who are based in the UK. However, a recent development is that if you are a UK citizen, living abroad for the purposes of work as a snowsport instructor, and provided that you abide by the limitations of your licence (e.g. not operating off-piste on a glacier) and you act within the laws of the country you’re in (e.g. not ignoring any new requirements for work visas/permits), then our insurers will extend the policy to cover you. What’s more, if you are a non-UK citizen but you have moved to and are resident in the UK, then you will be covered. However, if you’re not a UK citizen and you’re not resident in the UK, then I’m afraid you cannot benefit from this insurance cover. 

UK ResidentNon-UK Resident
UK CitizenCovered*Covered*
Non-UK CitizenCovered*NOT COVERED
*Cover is in place provided you are working within the remit of your licence AND within the requirements of the country in question

There is one notable exception here; members of any citizenship who are current BASI Trainers and who have declared themselves resident outside the UK are still covered, but only when they are contracted to deliver courses on behalf of BASI.

We understand that, due to fear of not being covered, some members have opted for their own policies and have also expressed the wish to be able to choose whether or not to have insurance included as part of their membership. Hopefully this recent development reassures the majority of members that if they maintain their membership, they will continue to benefit from BASI’s Public Liability Insurance cover. Our current insurance certificate is now available for your use, and when Bluefin update their policy wording then we will update this page too.

Some good news for 2021, for most!