World Winter Sports Exhibition – Day 3

Wang Lei invited to join BASI Performance Athlete Programme

Wang Lei was a Chinese National Team Member in ski jumping but since his retirement from jumping his passion is now snowboarding and he is a pro snowboarder and national hero for the discipline, promoting the discipline throughout China.


Wang Lei is current Chairman of the Chinese Snowboard Association but is also a proficient skier too.

Day 3 and more course sales: 4  Level 1 course sales 1 Snowboard and 3 Alpine and 1 Level 2 Snowboard! All Level 1 courses are before Christmas. Lots more enquiries and interest in BASI.

Banff Outdoor Movie Festival Programme is coming to China In November 2017 and Chinese BASI qualified instructors will be supporting this event by promoting safe snowsports tuition through professional instruction.

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